What We Do

The Services We Offer

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Photocopying, Scanning & Faxing

We can copy A4 & A3 documents in black/white and in colour.

We can scan A4 documents to emails or to your usb.

We can send faxes (A4 size only).

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Binding & Laminating

We can comb bind A4 documents from 5 - 200 pages in size. We may be able to bind smaller documents there and then depending on how busy the shop is but for larger documents and multiple binds we would need the documents to be left with us.

We can laminate A5, A4 & A3 sizes. We can also laminate smaller sizes like ID cards and parking permits.

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Stationery Shop

We have a wide range of stationery supplies:
Pens, pencils, markers, geometry sets, calculators, paper clips, sellotape, pushpins, printer inks, laminating pouches, printing paper, photo-paper, envelops, mailbags, refill pads, copybooks, folders, display folders, greeting cards, wrapping paper, giftbags, birthday banners, birthday candles, kids party invitations and much more!

  • project 1

    Photocopying, Scanning & Faxing

  • project 2

    Binding & Laminating

  • project 3

    Stationery Supplies